Blog Hiatus

Hi guys! I’m just wanting to let you know I’ll be going on a small break from my blog so I can focus on my studies for my HSC trial exams. I also want to apologise if I do not answer your question, however I will leave my ask open so if there is a non-urgent request feel free to message me and I’ll reply after my exams finish (yay!). 

Another small note, if anyone is willing to share their notes from the HSC classes of ancient history, modern history or standard english, please message me! It would be greatly appreciated! 

Again, I apologise for not being able to blog but I hope you understand. Thank you so much, Emma! xxx

Trend Review: Co-ords



Hi everyone! I thought I’d share one of my favourite trends with you, and that is co-ords. You may have some seen pictures floating around Tumblr of the matching sets, since they’re pretty trendy! I recently found an amazing range of co-ord pieces from Ark Clothing ( and knew I…

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Anonymous: Your so awesome when it comes to fashion!

You’re awesome too, thank you! xxx

Anonymous: What was the last thing you bought? :)x

A pair of high-waisted black jeans :-) xxx

Anonymous: Do you wear your outfits to school? x

My school has a uniform, but if it didn’t I would! xxx

Anonymous: Hi! I wore an outfit you posted, well similar, the other day. I got so many compliments it was great :) x

Oh my goodness, that is awesome! I’m so glad you did! Also, thank you for telling me :-) xxx

Anonymous: Hi there! I have a casual meal coming up with a few of my girl friends - do you think black jeans, a white blouse, heeled boots, a black bag, and a denim jacket would be good? Thank you x

Hello! That sound great, I think I posted an outfit similar the other day actually! xxx